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Whether dealing with management and organisation, marketing, innovative strategies, risk management or customer or employee relations, we speed up and simplify your processes.

We support all parts of the decision making process. From the conception of ideas, to identifying the knowledge and opinions required to take both the smaller and major decisions and we monitor each element individually and as a totality using our web applications and the appropriate consultancy.

Important Services and Applications

Effectief Vergaderen

Risk analysis; Use Spilter to easily map out all the risks so that you can allocate them. Furthermore, you can evaluate the risks against multiple criteria.

Online enquete

Spilter is a unique tool that will make your online survey easier and more effective.


Use Spilter to gather and analyse your team’s knowledge and opinions to resolve management issues, quickly and accurately.


Brainstorming, creative thinking, brownpaper sessions. Our Group Decision Support System supports all brainstorming techniques.

Your ideal consultation environment with the most comprehensive Group Decision Support System.

Spilter’s Group Decision Room is the instrument with which to shape your consultation process down to the smallest detail. Brainstorm with a team. Determine a marketing strategy. Expand a vision. That can all be done quickly and accurately with Spilter, the most user-friendly Group Decision Support System. You accelerate where possible and decelerate where required. Spilter enables you to see where the differences in opinion lie. Discussions are always substantive and constructive. Read more.

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Your conference needs Spilter!

The days of casting your vote by holding up a voting sign, filling in a ballot and putting it in a ballot box, and evaluating opinions after the fact are long gone. These days, you can hold a vote or conduct a brainstorming session using a laptop, iPad or smartphone. You can see right away precisely what participants are thinking and what questions they have. Those questions appear on a screen, along with the results of any voting sessions. This allows you to respond quickly and to keep the conversation going.

Spilter also collects all data during the conference and provides you with a clear report of all the ideas, questions and opinions. In short, you cannot hold an interesting and interactive conference without Spilter!